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St. Joseph Parish, established in 1891

Historic St. Joseph Church, located at the north end of Joliet's City Center, was established in 1891 to serve the growing community of Slovenian immigrants who had settled in the town at the end of the nineteenth century.  

 The immigrants who founded St. Joseph Parish came from what is today the northernmost republic of Yugloslavia, known as Slovenia.  The area was part of the Austo-Hungar4ian Empire and included the regions of Carinthia, Carniola, and Styria, when the immigrants began leaving in large numbers for America in the late nineteenth century.

St. Joseph Parish is the result of these people who journeyed in faith.  Today, the parish recalls its heritage through the immigrants' descendants and traditions carried on throughout the years.  With God's help, St. Joseph Parish will remain strong, going forth to proclaim the Good News of Jesus for many centuries to come, grateful for our Slovenian heritage and for the diverse community we have become.  New parishioners are always welcome and are invited to call the rectory to register.




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